We usually use lots of free software in our home computer, but can I still use it in a company or business unit?
In fact, there are many free software that are not allowed to be used in a commercial environment. If you use it, you may face legal problems.
In order to unify the habits, it is recommended to choose open source, commercially available free software or licensed software tied to a mailbox from the beginning. In order to avoid the most expensive trap of free, the journey of finding software has begun.
The following is a list of recommended commercially available software.
Browser series
Text editor
NotePad++, AtomVisualStudio
Video player
VlcPlayer, Kodi
Image editor
Pinta, OpenShot, ImageMagick, Blender
Video software
Unzip software
7-ZIP, PeaZip
File upload software
FileZilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck
Writing software
LibreOffice, FreeOffice
PDF software
Antivirus software
Optimization software
Communication software
Backup software
Virtual software
VirtualBox is free and open to anyone, but the VirtualBox extension pack can only be used for free at home, thus requiring payment from business users

Website Related Software
Content Management Systems